Increase in Sales/ft2


Higher Revenue/Unit

5 days

Faster turn of inventory

Electronic price tags

  • Enable dynamic price changes reflecting the current market situation.

  • React instantaneously to loss in ranking in auto portals
  • Dynamic prices to reflect scarcity vs. demand

  • Frees employees from non-revenue tasks
  • Savings in man-hours and costs
  • Supports more effective campaigns

  • Automated campaigns and F&I-bundle-offers for a limited promo period
  • Change interest rates and F&I-offers automatically at the end of a period
  • Go back to the standard interest rate at the end of a promotion-period automatically

  • Seamless integration into existing systems

  • Once a set of data has been tagged, we manage the rest
  • The staff will like it – it is so easy

  • Interaction with customers, as well as, locating cars can be fully integrated

  • The Electronic Price Tags are designed with enhanced add-on modules

    • Discover how customers search and find the desired car on your lot via APP
    • Provides invaluable information about the local search and decision behavior of your customers

  • Locate every car in the workshop or on the lot with our system

  • See the actual location of each car with our price tag on each of your dealership-locations – no more inefficient search
  • Process improvement based on hard data – no more assumptions or believes

  • Improve revenue by linking on-line and off-line world

  • Speed, speed, speed
  • customer excitement
  • employee satisfaction

Connect online- and offline-world and earn more money by

Speed, speed, speed

customer excitement

employee satisfaction

Our offer

AI-Digital has created a modular concept to replace old fashioned paper pricing stickers with a Digital Wireless Price Tag System.

Our system is easy to use and integrates into existing systems; AI-Digital delivers improved results with less effort by performing all tasks in the background. Ease of use to the max.

AI-Digital works with partners to offer additional features and individual functionalities.

We improve your Business Intelligence; would you like to know:

  • Which car is most often searched for?
  • Which locations in your dealership are more favorable for selling cars fast?
  • How to provide informational videos on your customer´s smartphone (to increase closing rates)?

All this is possible with the AI-Digital expansion packages. We offer you all advantages of the digitalized world.

Be faster than your competition.

What we can do for you

Our product is based on electronic wireless price tags with a unique hardware technology and infrastructure.

The price tag system enables you to perform daily price adjustments with only one click; reducing time and money compared to the old process with paper prints. No need to print tags or to waste time searching for keys or cars. Your employees can work more efficiently and achieve more in less time.

Pricing an inventory of several hundred cars can easily be managed by a single person.

A shorter downtime increases your turnover ratio and dramatically decreases your downtime costs.

You can easily react to your competitors’ price changes, manage seasonal events or participate in your manufacturers’ campaigns.

Our solutions inspires all stakeholders in a car dealership:

  1. Customers get a great shopping and service experience
  2. The sales management enjoy higher sale and conversion rates, more efficient work processes and higher revenues per car sold
  3. Service staff, sales staff and sales managers experience savings in time regarding processes and administration work – we reduce tedious tasks
  4. Controllers will like the new KPIs retrieved locally at the point of sale
  5. General managers and principals will be pleased with higher profits

Outperform your competition – be faster and more effective with the Digital Wireless Price Tag System by AI-Digital.

Why will your customers like it?

Your customers can be sure that the prices they find online are always the same as the prices at your dealership; avoiding confusion and irritation.

You can easily keep your customers informed about campaigns and promotions. An App can lead customers to their preferred car. They are already in the digitalized world – just pick them up where they come from.

What makes us special?

We, AI-Digital and its technology partners create solutions which enthuse our customers and make their lives easier. We believe our technology must remain user-friendly and be designed to meet the needs of the end-user.

AI-Digital is a company that was built out of the view of a former car dealership manager who included all his know how and passion. It combines several perspectives and expert knowledge in car retail with a focus on integrated systemic change processes:

  • Organisation and strategy development
  • Controlling- and KPI-systems
  • IT-systems as integral part of the organizational structure
  • HR and people development
  • Training-conception and -design

Our focus is the preowned automobile market (CPO) with a broad international basis: Processes, IT, marketing, Lead Management, CRM systems, Workflow optimization, pricing with analytical tools.

Founder Bernd Mueller used to spend long weekends at his family‘s car dealership writing price tags which was one of the factors that got him interested in management and process optimization. After a study of industrial engineering and management he led the family business for several years before starting his own consulting agency. This company and its partners have developed a system that will not only save you money but also increase your profit. Changing prices manually is a time-consuming task, which hinders sellers from changing them as often as it would be necessary.

… but your competitors are online and they are fast, this means you need to catch up or better just overtake them. We are the ones to help you with that.